Payment methods

Ntotaslighting Company, in the context of your immediate and most efficient service, applies quality control regulations and security protocols at the stage of payment of your money transaction and provides the possibility of choosing the pricing method for individuals (Retail Receipt) and for professionals / companies (Sales Invoice).

In this context, it provides you with the following alternative payment methods:

·Payment by credit card.

Using your VISA, MASTERCARD credit card. Payments made using a card are processed through electronic payment platform “Piraeus e-Commerce”

·  Pay on delivery.

Receipt and payment of the order at your place free of charge.

Provisions for documents worth more than € 500 per order to individuals with retail receipt and for documents worth more than € 500 per order to professionals / companies with a sales invoice there is no possibility of payment by cash on delivery.

By deposit / transfer to a bank account.

Bank Name IBAN

PIRAEUS BANK          Dotas Michalis GR36 0171 2610 0062 6112 3890 086

NATIONAL BANK        Dotas Michalis GR25 0110 8330 0000 8334 0004 205

EUROBANK                Dotas Michalis GR61 0260 1230 0009 1020 0523 828

In case you have chosen to pay by bank deposit, you must send the deposit receipt to the email: or to the fax number: 24310 – 76649 or inform us by phone at 24310 – 76646 that the deposit has been made.

When you place an order and choose to pay by deposit we reserve the products for you until the payment is completed. In case of non-payment of the order within 3 working days the order will be automatically canceled.

In case you choose the deposit through web banking from another bank besides the above collaborators of our company, the bank may charge you bank fees for the transaction.

In this case, the transaction costs of both banks are borne by the customer.

The customer is solely responsible for the correct registration of the account number and Ntotaslighting does not bear any responsibility in case of error.